Itch, odour, irritation, and discharge are all vaginal discomforts that make many women feel self-conscious and embarrassed – in some cases affecting their quality of life. Symptoms of vaginal imbalance are much more common than you probably think. Rest assured that most discomforts can be easily treated and managed!

Vaginal itch

Itchiness is an aggravating and common vaginal symptom that is usually triggered by an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans, but sometimes has other causes, like dryness, irritants, or other infections. Read more about vaginal itch here.

Vaginal odour

Discharge that has a light, sweet or tangy smell is perfectly normal, but if you notice a strong, foul or fishy odour from the vagina, it may be a sign of bacterial imbalance. Read more about vaginal odour here.

Vaginal discharge

Discharge is the vagina’s clever self-cleaning system and normally nothing to worry about, but if the texture, colour or smell of your discharge suddenly seems a bit off, an underlying cause could be to blame. Read more about vaginal discharge here.