Restores balance

Multi-Gyn Active Gel

50ml + applicator
  • Helps reduce odour and discharge
  • Has a direct soothing effect
  • Optimises the vaginal pH
  • Plant based actives
  • Contains approximately 25 applications

About the product:

Concerned about a fishy smell or thin, grey discharge? Then you could or may have an imbalance in your vagina. Multi-Gyn Active Gel helps restore balance and helps treat symptoms like undesired discharge and odour.


For treatment of vaginal discomforts, we advise using Multi-Gyn Active Gel twice a day for 5 consecutive days. However you can use Multi-Gyn Active Gel whenever relief is desired.

You can feel an immediate effect, especially with symptoms such as irritation or itching. However, this can be different for each person.

No, the product has no known side effects.

No, there is no need to continuously use Multi-Gyn Active Gel.

No, Multi-Gyn Active Gel doesn’t affect antibiotics in a negative way. In fact, we advise using Multi-Gyn Active Gel during or after the use of any antibiotics treatment to help restore a healthy balance.

You need to use Multi-Gyn Active Gel at least twice a day for 5 consecutive days. If your complaints are gone after those 5 days, you don’t need to use the full tube.

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